AUTZ Small Gang PVP Group

As the title states, we are looking for more AUTZ small gang PVP focused people. Will be active around the hours just before and after DT mostly, with an increase over the weekend. This doesn’t mean people won’t be on during the day but is only an indication of when to expect the most content.

We are trying to keep the numbers low and focus on having quality members rather than a large quantity of people. 10-15 active pilots would be the maximum.

We offer a fully setup base of operations with some of the best content the game can offer.

Requirements are minimals

  • At least semi-competent in small gang style pvp or a willingness to learn.
  • Self-sufficient ISK source. How you make your isk is up to you.
  • Be a decent human being.
  • Willingness to be on comms.
  • 1 PVP character and 1 scanner will be required. If they aren’t your main that is fine, they just need to be neutral to all parties. We don’t / won’t set anyone blue. We don’t care what alliance/corp you main is in.
  • Memes.

If you are interested please contact me in game and we can go from there.

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Looking for a few more capable dudes.

Send me and eve mail and we can take it from there.


Looking for 2-3 more guys.

Send me an eve mail!



Still looking for a few more dudes to go explode things

Every recruit gets a free cosplay outfit

Bump! Looking for 1 more dude who is keen for small gang PvP. Got a pretty solid crew together now.



Still looking for a few more guys

You guys still running? Whats your corp name? Eve who and zkill is down:(





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