AUTZ/EUTZ - L0G0F Alliance Looking for Like Minded Corps

Hey people.

As the title suggests we are looking for more AUTZ and EUTZ corps to join up!

We have a great bunch of people, but at the moment we are looking for more.

When new people join up all my old jokes become new again!

The emphasis at the moment is on PVP first, with some indy for good measure.

We are based in high sec, but spend a fair bit of time in low and null sec looking for mischief.

So if you think that sounds good for your corp, perhaps you’re all looking for a sea change, then jump into our public channel BUGGA IT

Or you could send me a mail in game, Yosagi Yojimbo, and I’ll try and work through what questions you may have.


A day has passed, still recruiting, crazy I know!

We’re based not terribly far from Amarr, but just far enough, so people will often buy stuff in our local system instead of going “all the way” to Amarr.

Handy for some ISK on the side in between that PVP.

Heading into the weekend, what day is it today?

Friday, Friday, it’s Friday.

This is a rather targeted reply.


Still recruiting, still doing our thing.

Had a busy few days, enjoyable.

Still looking for corps and pilots in the AUTZ and EURO TZ.

Good times!

A cooler, rainy day here, a change from the normal, but we are still looking for AUTZ & EURO corps, and pilots.

It never ends.

Still recruiting, looking for PVP guys and corps.

Almost the end of the week, server pop about to go up, more folks to sell to and shoot at, join us.

Still looking, still shooting.

Over time we have created some videos of our exploits in Eve Online, here are some of those videos.

This may spur you or your corp to approach us.

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