AUTZ - The League of Grumpy Old Farts Alliance is looking for Corps

Hey folks!

We’re looking for AUTZ or early EURO corps to join our established Aussie time zone alliance.

Our PVP is going strong, the industry pilots are happy, and we have a pretty good bunch of guys … except for that one guy.

Interested? Mail Yosagi Yojimbo in game, or join our in game chat channel Bugga it and we can work it out from there.

We still have some spots left!


AUTZ and EURO corps, or pilots, are required for social good times, with the occasional ship murder of bad guys.

Still recruiting!

Still looking for corps or pilots in the AUTZ or early’ish EURO TZ.

One tiny little speck of honey on top of the jar and the ants find it! Infuriating!

Still looking for corps and/or pilots in the AUTZ and/or early EURO TZ.

Doing AUTZ things in the AUTZ, you should join up.

Getting cooler here, much like us, join up now!

Still recruiting, still shooting.

Pretty handy these DDOS problems occur very late in our TZ.

Miscreants giving me some extra sleep, how nice of them.

Still recruiting, AUTZ and EURO TZ.

Still recruiting.

Camping a WH ATM, good times.

Hey folks, still recruiting!

Fun times are being had, including the joy of forever recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Hi GMT+8 TZ ?

+10 TZ typically, but +8 would be pretty close. Message me in game and we can talk further.

Still recruiting, looking for corps!

Cooler weather, cold nights, a great time to enjoy Eve and join your corp with our alliance!

Another big week, in a big year, still looking for corps.

Still plinking away, still looking for corps!

Looking for AUTZ and Euro corps