League of Grumpy Old Farts - AUTZ Alliance -- Recruiting!

Hey folks!

We’re looking for pilots, mostly in the AUTZ, to join our established and quite active Aussie time zone alliance.

We have various corps in our alliance that are recruiting for their own special needs.


Awesome huh?

Our PVP is going strong, the industry pilots are happy, and we have a pretty good bunch of people.

Interested? Join our in game chat channel L0G0F Lobby and we can work it out from there, or mail me directly if you have any particular questions.

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  • Semi Retired Despot

So if you’re not in the parts of Australia that are on fire, why not consider dropping into our public channel for a chat if you’re interested in joining up.

Been busy tonight doing “things” with the alliance, so while we’re waiting for DT to end and the patch to drop, why not consider us for your AUTZ needs.

Quite a few things on tonight in the alliance, but also don’t forget about the Brawl for Bushfires which is kicking off right about now.

Have a good one.

Ball sweatingly hot today, or it was raining, very digital weather.

We’re still looking for pilots.

Join L0G0F Lobby if you’re interesting in joining up.

Still looking for pilots, mainly in the AUTZ, but also the other TZ’s.

Join L0G0F Lobby today for a chat if you’re interested.

Some cheeky miner regulation today, that’ll learn them.

Competition time here at L0G0F. A brief glimpse at our KB will give you some idea of what is going on.

Good times.

Kookaburra Academy, L0G0F’s training corporation, is actively recruiting new pilots! If you’re still new to the game and want to learn from an experienced team, drop in to the Kookaburra Public channel in-game, or message Sobine.

Still looking for pilots, or even entire corps.

Join our public channel!

Riding the roller coaster of the Eve servers at the moment, but if you CAN login, why not join our public channel if you’re interested in joining up!

If you’re looking for a new corp or alliance why not consider us? You could certainly do worse. :slight_smile:

The servers are getting better again! Ships to be shot, ISK to be made.

Join today!

Our normal routine now the servers have become manageable again. Something on every day, something for everyone! Roll Up! Roll Up!

mmmmmm roll ups.

Join today!

Glorious rain, where I am at least, and it’s a bit cooler, for a while anyway.

So why not join L0G0F and enjoy your last couple of days on Earth until it heats up again.

Absolutely love “League of Grumpy Old Farts” - I tried for something like that in WoW but it was banned and I had to settle for “Flatulence League”.

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An early bump tonight as I seemingly have energy to burn.

Given the ongoing, and possibly never ending, chat server issues, you may not be able to join our wonderful and engaging public channel. That would hinder your journey on the highway of bliss that is membership in the League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts.

If this is so then direct mail Talon Khar for a chat or more information. Alternatively, should you feel some sort of direct connection with me, and I’d strenuously suggest that’s an incredibly bad idea, you could mail me directly.

May the RNG gods be in your favour.

Oh, and join L0G0F.

Scheduled Ops most days, folks to chat with, it’s like an Aussie Eve nirvana, with beer, and other TZ folks.

Good times.

Join L0G0F

Expanded our EUTZ today, looking forward to that growing over time.

In celebration I’m going to binge some Kraftwerk and Rammstein.

Maybe even some Daft Punk.

We’re around the world, around the world, around the world, etc.

Join L0G0F today!

It has been 27 days since I started this recruitment thread.

Not all of you have made it to the end.

This is to be expected.

However, if you have, why not consider joining L0G0F?