League of Grumpy Old Farts - AUTZ Alliance -- Recruiting!

Another day, another bump.

We changed our public channel name, and this has been changed in the original post all the way at the top.

For the foamers amongst you it was changed from LOGOF Lobby to L0G0F Lobby to help avoid confusion.

I hope that helps.

Never a better time to join our mostly AUTZ alliance, the servers are good, CCP have opened the ISK taps up WIDE and the pending ore changes are just an incomprehensible future nightmare at this stage.

In local news we’ve exceeded our average yearly rainfall to this day, which is the first year we’ve done that in quite a few.

Probably flood next.

Join L0G0F!

I thought it was Sunday, turns out it is Saturday…I should probably leave the house.
So I’ll do it virtually with all the alliance mates on the Op tonight.

Join L0G0F!

Just a straight forward one today.

Join L0G0F.

Wow how time has passed.
Moves quickly when I’m savagely mediocre.

Red dots, impending changes to asteroid belts, moon miners, battleships violently giving birth to frigates.


Join L0G0F.

Huh? Some long overdue market changes.

However, beware of the locust scourge!

Join L0G0F.