Aussie Alliance - The League of Grumpy Old Farts

Is recruiting!

We have two corps for your activity pleasure, Oh Bugga (public channel - Crikey Mate) and QuantumTech Industries (public channel - qtech public).

Both corps are essentially the same but Oh Bugga is at least 3% cooler as we had a station advert you may have noticed, and loved!

What do we do?

The usual high sec stuff, plus forays into low and null sec.

Our peak times are usually three hours either side of downtime, otherwise known as the Aussie Eve gamer curse.

Discord is our choice for voice comms, and we have a great bunch of people.

So join one of our public channels, do the usual Q & A bit with myself, or another recruiter, and get to know us.

EDIT - Also now looking for a small Euro corp to join our alliance, or even some Euro pilots!

Finally some videos we made a few months ago when the alliance was a bit smaller:

L0G0F Ops [language warning]

  • Yosagi Yojimbo
  • Alliance CEO

A couple of days have passed, a couple of new members have joined our alliance.


Yes, yes it is.

However we are still looking for new members, of the Eve Online variety.

A couple of things I should bring up though as we’ve had some confusion recently.

We are based in high sec, we are not a full time pvp alliance.

While we’ve done plenty of that in the past, we’re not doing that right now.

Fair warning.

Still recruiting, no surprise there.

Heading towards the busy part of our Eve week.

Should be great!

Still recruiting, always recruiting.

Some interesting stuff has happened in the past week or so content wise.

Members have been happy, which is what it’s all about.

Turns out I’ve been busier in game than I thought I’d been!

Still recruiting, always recruiting.

We have a great core group of pilots.

If we were aiming towards any particular type of applicant at the moment it would be the laid back, occasional PVP’er.

So if you’re happy for organised PVP once or twice a week, you could be the carbon based bipedal life form we are currently looking for.

This bump is a bit early in the day, but my lawns are not going to mow themselves.

Still recruiting in the AUTZ!

But now there is more!

We’re also looking for a smaller EURO corp to join our alliance, and/or EURO pilots.


Pretty much the same as yesterday, or was it the day before…

Still looking to recruit folks in the AUTZ, and also interested in a small EURO corp.

Will take single EURO players, well by single I mean not in pairs, uurgh, you know what I mean!

Saturday night!

Still looking for pilots in the AUTZ, with an emphasis on PVP, but we don’t PVP 24/7 so keep that in mind.

Also we would love a small Euro corp, or some Euro pilots as they’re in our late TZ, which is useful.