Australian HS/LS Corp Looking for PVP/PVE Pilots

Oh Bugga is a high sec and low sec Australian corp living in Domain. We are the founding corp of the alliance League of Grumpy 0ld Farts. We are looking to expand our numbers from players in the AU/NZ time zone, we already have a lot, but we want more…

Our philosophy is that PVE and industry / mining are acceptable income means to fund your pvp.

We PVP in low sec and through direct wormholes into null sec, with scheduled roams to hunt for targets. We don’t PVP every night, but try to get out there a couple of times a week.

We have two primary doctrines that ALL members are required to get into, we will support you in getting there and provide training where needed, but your probation in the corp hinges on you training these doctrines and buying them.

We use Discord for comms, and expect member participation on comms, we work on the philosophy that the reason to join a corp is to have fun with like minded mates, which is better when you are in comms.

We can provide in game opportunities through:

  • scheduled roams
  • scheduled ISK earning fleets to fund ships (fleet mining and missioning)
  • we have a number of alliance owned citadels to use services in to make ISK
  • As part of an alliance we have plenty of other Aussies to chill with.

Join our public channel ‘Crikey Mate’ to speak to a recruiter.

Our alliance is also looking for a few more small AU and EU time zone corps, if interested jump into our alliance public channel ‘Bugga It’

Still recruiting, picked up a returning player a day ago, looking for a few more to fill out our roaming gang fleets

Good start to the recruiting, picked up three new people so far (plus an alt or two), but there is always room for more. So jump into ‘Crikey Mate’ and have a chat to a recruiter, come join us on roams, alliance isk making fleets, or just shoot the breeze on comms with a quiet beer.

Corp is growing, alliance is developing more opportunities for members, but there is still room for more, hit us up in ‘crikey mate’ if you are looking for a lot of aussies to chill with

Did I mention we are one of several Aussie corps in our alliance, and we are looking for more…

Still here, still recruiting, our alliance and corp are AU focused so lots of other AU time zone guys to chill with… hit us up in Crikey mate.

Busy week ahead couple of pvp ops planned and couple of pve ops too, so if you come from the land down under, you know you want to join us…

so here we are another day another member, come join the party.

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