'Oh Bugga' an Aussie Corp is recruiting

Why oh Bugga… Well that was all we heard on comms when a mate lost his navy raven to rats just as I was trying to think of a corp name… So why not?

We are an all Aussie corp, with a relaxed (aka. Aussie) play style. We live in high and low sec and have assets in both and we travel for fun into null sec when we roam.

Our corp is based on a foundation of RL comes first, and mateship in the game. We have a Discord server, we encourage presence on comms when-ever you can but know you can’t always.

We have alliance ops several times a week you can join. Our alliance, is also 100% Aussie (we are the founding corp), so you will never find yourself playing in your time zone with no-one else online.

What do we do?

What we offer:

  • Relaxed play style
  • RL Focus (but some activity each week is good)
  • Several alliance owned citadels
  • PVP experience and ops
  • PVE ops (missioning, running sites or mining)
  • Moon Mining and industry

What we are looking for:

  • Aussie Aussie Aussie (or at least on in that time zone)
  • Activity based on RL priorities
  • People willing to move to our home and fly our doctrine
  • people willing to work with members, if you are a solitary type then corps are not much use to you.
  • Willingness to get on comms and take the piss with mates.

Our goals:

  • To give Aussies a place to chill and learn the game or just play it with other Aussies
  • To continue to grow
  • To have an SRP some time in the future

So if you are interested, jump in our public channel ‘Crikey mate’ in game and have a chat.

last few hours of the year, what better time to join a new corp full of Aussies and a few KIWI’s and even a guy in Thailand… join ‘crikey mate’ channel to have a chat

first day of the year and more than 5 bill in kill mails, good start to the year, start your year off well and come join a great au time zone corp

still recruiting, plenty of space for more pvp’ers pve’ers amn anything in between… come join an all aussie corp in an all aussie alliance

Time for a bump, haven’t done this in a few weeks, but we are still recruiting, come join a very active Aussie corp in a very active Aussie alliance.


Aussie day tomorrow, so drunk Aussies unite… come join the corp and slurr your words with mates

Still here, still recruiting, corp is growing and so is the alliance, with several new aussies in the last few days. Come join the flood of aussies looking for mates to fly with .

Bumpage before we head off for a little roam to find nerds to kill. Still recruiting jump in ‘crikey mate’ to talk to a recruiter.

some continuing interest coming in, so if you are looking for activity in the AU time zone this is the place for you.

still room for more men (or women) from downunder

been a great week, new members, lots of fun had, pvp, pve indy you name it we have been busy all week. come join us and grab a beer and talk s@#$ on comms today

So what did today involve for Aussies in Oh Bugga… 8 POCO kills, heaps of fun on comms, low sec fun, high sec fun, mining and missioning… oh and we got dropped by NC.

And the day is a long way from over. Come join the biggest Aussie alliance in eve (speculative statement based on my opinion) :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh did I mention we have an SRP, so the guys that lost their ships are already back in new ones…

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