AUTZ Null Sec Recruiting

Oh Bugga is a well established community in the AU and NZ Time Zones, we have recently merged a US and EU corp into our numbers and moved into Valkyrie Alliance. We are part of Fi.Re Coalition and live in Scalding Pass.

We are looking to recruit more numbers in the AU / NZ and SEA time zones to build our community and our content. If you are in those time zones and are looking for a great group of people, living in some chill null space, with access to plenty of content, then look no further.

Our Priorities:

  • RL First.
  • PVP.
  • Maintenance of our space while making isk.

What we can offer you:

  • Good space for income earning .
    ** Miners - Access to lots of R64 and R32 Moons.
    ** PVE - lots of systems with good upgrades, lots of sites to make isk in.
    ** Solid market and industry facilities if that is how you make your isk.
  • Experienced FC’s in corp, alliance and coalition.
  • Alliance SRP for CTA’s.
  • Corp SRP for approved non CTA fleets.
  • Established JF Logistics to get your things into our home.

What we are looking for:

  • Pilots that share the above priorities (all main members must contribute to PVP)
  • People primarily willing to live in our null home.
  • Able to fly or train into doctrine ships.
  • 15 Mil SP minimum and self sufficient.
  • Relaxed attitude.
  • Active on voice comms.

So join our in game channel ‘Gone Troppo’ if you think all of that fits your bill, check us out, we are a pretty relaxed AUTZ corp, so we think we are a bit of fun to hang out with.

Such a good corp and great people.

Come and have a chat!

Wow time flies… Better bump this for new members :slight_smile:

AUTZ Fun times to be had, come chat in our public channel Gone Troppo today or send me a mail in game if that works for you too

Still more room, looking for PVP’ers to come join the fun

Still recruiting drop into Gone Troppo channel in game for a chat

bumping for another weekend

bumping for more members

It’s hump day… had a fun little small gang roam last night, a couple of larger fleets today during the AU day, wonder what the night tonight will bring… Come join us you know you want to

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