Well we did the Low sec and High Sec thing and saw the light. Having recently moved the alliance back to null sec (Wicked Creek) we are looking to recruit new members.

We are a fairly old corp, founding members of the League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts Alliance, we do anything from PVP, PVE, mining and Indy. You name it, we do it.

We don’t have a lot of expectations; you do need to be self-sufficient plus:

  • At least interested in PVP (would like to see some KB activity per month, doesn’t need to be much but something)
  • We pay monthly bonuses for the top 3 active pvp’ers to encourage activity
  • Willing to train or get into doctrine ships
  • Present on voice comms (Discord) whenever you can (to build that sense of community and mateship)
  • You need to move to our home space
  • Participation in at least one Alliance Ice mining fleet per month (how we fund SRP & stations)
  • We are renting for now while we settle in so there is a small monthly rental fee per character

We offer:

  • RL Focus and relaxed play style
  • Small fleet PVP
  • Some capital action occasionally
  • 5 system constellation with good sites and resources
  • Good access to alliance services like research / invention / reactions
  • An active alliance with active comms
  • Alliance SRP for official fleets

We are happy to take on members from all time zones, however we are predominantly AU / NZ / SEA focused. The alliance has members across all time zones so if you are not AU/NZ you will not be the lonely guy/girl in the corner…

Join our public channel ‘Gone Troppo’ to speak to a recruiter.


Daily bump, looking for new members hit us up in our public channel ‘Gone Troppo’

Another day another dollar… well, another isk mining extravaganza in Null sec. come join us and make bank today.

Daily bump for more members to come join the fun in Wicked Creek

Daily bump, some slow growth, but room for more, hit us up in ‘Gone Troppo’

looking for AU time zone Null sec? Look no further, our corp is 100% AU and we have several other AU corps int he alliance, so come join us today.

and it is Tuesday, you know you are ready to join us, so don’t wait for hump day, hit us up in Gone Troppo now

bump for hump day, still welcoming new members.

another bump, looking for people that want a relaxed null sec experience, contact a recruiter today, you know you want to…

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