The League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts is a multi-timezone alliance living in the Wicked Creek region. We rent our 6 system constellation and are looking to increase our corp membership to join in on building our little pocket of Null Sec.

The alliance is pretty relaxed, lots of very experienced members to support new corps. We can offer corps the following:

  • 5 pocket system with growing upgrades, to improve your access to isk making options.
  • Access to alliance owned structures for reprocessing, manufacturing, research, reactions and clone bays.
  • We use Discord for voice and text chat and a forum for communicating the alliance activities.
  • Active community that tends to get along very well, comms chatter can be a lot of laughs so don’t be a stranger to voice chat.

Being a renter alliance, with goals to become a sov holder in the coming months, we do have some minimum expectations of new corps.

  • Be active, your members don’t have to be on every day all day, but some activity on a weekly basis is appreciated.
  • While we are renting there is a fee for each corp character that lives in and earns from our null sec. This is billed to corps monthly (in advance or pro-rata if joining half way through a month).
  • Join home defence CTA and Strat Ops, they are very rare, but when we have them we need all hands on deck.
  • We value team activity, so encourage your members to engage with the rest of the alliance, and just make the most of some pretty sweet null sec space.

If you are interested, join our alliance public channel “L0G0F Lobby” (the 0’s in L0G0F are zeros) and speak to a recruiter. If one is not available then drop an in game mail to Doctor Chuckles and we will be in touch.

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Still recruiting corps, we have some systems that are just begging for your corp to come and make use of them. Join L0G0F Lobby to talk to a recruiter.

Bumping for an earlier time zone, I will be in game in a few hours if you want to chat, otherwise there will be others in our public chat that can give you the low down on us.

still room for corps to come and live in our 6 system pocket in Wicked Creek. Contact us in L0G0F Lobby and chat to a recruiter today.

Looking for a relaxed null sec alliance? We may be just what you are looking for, living in Wicked Creek, we are a renter alliance, we do have pvp expectations, but are not bound by the larger block demands, so a good balance of pvp opportunity and isk making opportunity.

Sound interesting? join L0G0F Lobby to have a chat (the '0’s in L0G0F are zero’s)

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Bumping for the US TZ. If we don’t respond immediately in L0G0F Lobby, we may be in a fleet, so drop Doctor Chuckles a mail and we will be in touch as quick as we can.

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still recruiting corps, online now for a chat if interested in joining our alliance ina great little Null sec pocket

and another bump, still looking for corps in all time zones

Heh, you guys became renters. lolz

Just a quick bump, still looking for corps to come and join us, some nice space, good planets, good isk making opportunities. Join today, you know you want to.

Bump for the start of the weekend… Still looking for corps, if you want some nice null sec and a great small alliance to fly with, join L0G0F Lobby and talk to a recruiter today.



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Best of luck boys…say hi to home for me :slight_smile:

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