League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts Low Sec / High sec alliance recruiting Corps

The League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts is looking for relaxed US and EU time zone corps

Who are we?
L0G0F is an alliance made up mainly of Aussies right now and we are looking to broaden our time zone coverage. We live in both high and low sec in Domain region. Our alliance has regular ops for miners, missioners and PVP with roams through low and null space.

We are a very relaxed alliance, we can provide a number of assets for you to use to make isk, we have absolutely no null sec desires though, been there and done that, gave the T-Shirt back cos it was too small… Also not looking for wormhole corps, we believe in corps and members of the alliance living in the alliance home systems.

We have a foundation that RL comes first, and the list of alliance rules is very short, move to our home systems, get the defense doctrine ships, get on discord for voice comms when you can, and otherwise participate with your alliance mates and have fun.

What do we do?

What we offer:

  • Relaxed play style
  • RL Focus (but some activity each week is good)
  • Several alliance owned citadels
  • PVP experience and ops
  • PVE ops (missioning, running sites or mining)
  • Moon Mining and industry

What we are looking for:

  • Small relaxed corps, in EU and US time zone
  • No Drama attitude
  • Willing and able to contribute to alliance goals
  • Willing and able to contribute to alliance defense

If this sounds like a good option for your corp then jump into 'Bugga It" channel and have a talk to a diplo.

Looking to join a relaxed alliance? we are where it is at, join ‘Bugga It’ channel and speak to a diplo today

Space for relaxed US and EU corps to join and broaden our horizons, currently we have a majority AU presence.

If interested join ‘bugga it’ channel or send me a mail in game

US and EU corps wanted come help us build a presence in our local area, talk to a diplo today

still recruiting, your corp would need to move to the alliance home so we can all work together to build our presence, we can provide multiple citadels for your use. Come join the party

still looking for corps, hit us up in Bugga It channel for a chat

Are you a small corp looking for a great group to chill with?

Do you want the benefits of some good low sec as well as high sec?

Are you a relaxed group that contributes to alliance objectives but can have fun too?

We want you… Mail one of our diplo’s Captain Chuckles, Yosagi Yojimbo or Tekkaa today

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