[L0G0F] Recruiting Corps for Sov Null Sec, All Time Zones

The League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts is a multi-timezone alliance holding sovereignty in the Scalding Pass region. We are expanding throughout our constellation and are looking to increase our corp membership to join in on building our little pocket of Null Sec.

[UPDATE] We have several R32 moons available for member corporations to rent if they are that way inclined…

Our Zkill Link

The alliance is pretty relaxed, lots of very experienced members to support new corps. We can offer corps the following:

  • Expanding sov in our constellation with growing upgrades, to improve your access to isk making options.
  • access to alliance owned structures for reprocessing, manufacturing, research, reactions and clone bays.
  • We use Discord for voice and text chat and a forum for communicating the alliance activities.
  • Active community that tends to get along very well, comms chatter can be a lot of laughs so don’t be a stranger to voice chat.
  • Access to coalition fleets and small gang roams for the PVP addicts out there.
  • Alliance Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for ships lost during sanctioned PVP activities.
  • Access to R64 and R32 moons, alliance has a wide range of moons for low cost rent so that indy people out there can access high end moons for mining and isk generation.

Our minimum expectations of new corps.

  • Be active, your members don’t have to be on every day all day, but some activity on a weekly basis is appreciated.
  • Active presence on the kill board. No you don’t have to be a flat our PVP Zealot, but corps need to contribute to securing and holding our space.
  • Join home defense, CTA and Strat Ops, this is how we demonstrate our worth to our coalition partners.
  • We value team activity, so encourage your members to engage with the rest of the alliance, and just make the most of our growing null sec space.

Check out this video of a recent fleet fight our members participated in. Join us and make great isk and get on great fights…


If you are interested, join our alliance public channel “L0G0F Lobby” (the 0’s in L0G0F are zeros) and speak to a recruiter. If one is not available then drop an in game mail to Doctor Chuckles and we will be in touch.

Bumping for the US TZ guys, I know you want to join us, don’t be shy… come join us

Still looking for new corps to join the alliance, jump into L0G0F Lobby to talk to a recruiter.

another day another bump. Been a big day already, some great fights in EU and US TZ’s. Lots of green on our killboard. Come and chat to us about getting on some of those kills

still recruiting, three more systems added to our sov over night, looking for corps from all time zones to come join us in this space…

systems to rat and mine in, Moons to mine, PVP opportunities, you name it we got it, come join us in null sec.

Still open to new corps, plenty of opportunity for corps to make their mark here so drop us a line.

Time for a change? Come join L0G0F now

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That’s a lot of monkeys… now back on topic… still recruiting corps. Are you thinking about a move to Null? you might even be thinking of renting space for a while, I can tell you from experience that is not worth it, just join a sov alliance and get the best bang for your buck…

Chat to us in L0G0F Lobby today

Another day of recruiting,if you have a corp you are looking to move to null sec have a chat to us, me may be exactly what you are looking for

Still need corps, if you are interested drop into L0G0F Lobby and have a talk to a recruiter today.

Looking for corporations that want some nice null sec space. good isk to be had, good access to content. chat to me for info

Spots still open for corporations, have a chat with me to know more.

still recruiting corps. Contact me for more information.

Still recruiting corps, plenty of unused space that you can make the most of

Still recruiting corporations, contact me in game if interested