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Hello Bananaboat Blues
Could you let me know what you could offer for this character?
Hopefully, I wont have someone in the forum marking this post as a spam. I guess people have time in their life.

Pw on Sleven is 6060


43b offer

EveSkillboard - selkor Ijonen?

What do you offer for me?

Price me up! Thanks offers

I can offer 12b

No, Thank You’rh_Arkeran

pw - optimus

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I can offer 67b

Linoaa what would you offer me? i know its not worth much

Sorry it doesnt have enough SP for me.
But maybe some skill famers will be interested. Keep bumping your thread daily and probably someone will be interested to buy it.

I can offer 7b

Can do

Sending ISK and account info.

Thx you

EveSkillboard - Stamesochnik price ?

I can offer 36b

Received the confirmation mail.

Thx you