post what ya got

What do you think, full ishtar pilot

  • In NPC corp
  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill rights
  • Remap ready x2
  • +5 Security Status

standard +4 implants

whats the lowest u can go?


i will be really honest sir, i’ve never sold any character,

i don’t know how to do the values…

i suggets that u watch video or read how to complete the transfer

try youtube or the forums here…i believe it is pinned at start page of bazaar

then we talk pricing etc…

i’m on it sir !

Thank you for your patience, coming really soon

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I followed the forum and the tendance online. (with the ration /isk for the 5M / above etc…). They adviced between 19 & 25 B/O.

but they told me it’s better to wait another month to have 100% magic 12, covert ops and 80% of explorer skills to rattling wormhole

i can offer 19 bil b/o right now

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ur supposed to log in the character for here and make all the post

thank you sir, but i prefer to wait a little bit and finish the upgrade. for my account that’s my main connected. sorry about that, i will change after

kk gl

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Thank you for your time and kindly reply

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