WTS myself.

  • Perfect Tengu all 5’s even specialisation

  • Perfect Scanning Skills

  • Extraordinary Shield Skills

  • Really focused to do 1 job done. Rule guristas space or wherever you can do exploration with tengu

Starting Bid

27 B

Buy out 33B
Instant buy out , suprice me with a price. She will get the money you spend back quick

bump for the day

35 billion

bo accepted . please send isk and info and i will begin the transfer

Will do. Currently at work and will send isk ASAP today.

Cant get a reply from Erin , so i guess its a bump for next person that is intrested

Bump for the Day. Still selling this toon. Check skills

23 bil

this char is going to be extracted by me if it reach that point , ty. I want to give a chance for someone to enjoy a perfect exploration toon like i did.

Reminder , bids start 27b

Absolute max I can go is 26.5B ( all ISK in my wallet )

Bid noted

What’s your bare minimum buy-out?

sent eve mail for not spamming the thread

bump for the day. will added buy out

uhm— why keep bumping when you already have a bid over starting price?

we dont live the same timezone. the reply for eve mail was yesterday where i live. cheers

I can reach your starting big price of 27B ( made a couple sales yesterday ) but I can’t reach buy-out.

delete please

you could have easily let this go for 27 bil and still made a profit… asking for more, over the original SP, pretty much would have made this no sold… i never see any character that is sold for more than what the SP the char has…

I offered 28.2B in the end in game and still no response.

The irony is people over-estimate what they will get in extraction, constantly, in this forum.

If you were to extract this character, as you keep claiming to receive more profit than the starting price that by the way, you set, was matched and you still refused… you’d get a grand total of 20.6B profit ( not including sales tax, nor the time taken to extract, nor the time taken for sale)

Stop over-estimating what your account is worth

Total Extractable SP 24,000,000
Total Extractors to Purchase 48
Jita Cost per Extractor 389,000,000.00
Total Cost for Extractors 18,672,000,000.00
JitaSell Price of Injector 820,000,000
Total Amount of Sales 39,360,000,000.00
Total Profit 20,688,000,000.00