HI again Black!

Hello V

we are not a null sec or low sec group but reading over what you were looking for, you would be a good match for our corp. Reload this. is a C5 - C5 corp. we do a lot of small gang pvp. and living in wh’s we have the home to make really good isk. we are a US EU Tz corp thats looking for more people to come pew with us. if your interested feel free to join our discord and say hey

Thank you for the reply, im getting off in a bit, ill be back on sat/sun.

Hello Black Mantis
I will Send you a in game mail after DT

You sound like us, but slighltly more aggro, which isn’t a bad thing. We are doing things in TEST sure, but we habe our own corporate drive and direction. Our name says it all: Right Click Jump To

In Game: Right Click Jump Pub


How We Do:

Who We Are: [RCJT] Fc, what do? - Right Click Jump To!

Thank you for your time and response! The holidays have my play times all over the place. Ill hit you up when I get on.

Im usually on from 0300(eve time) to downtime


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