We don’t care about KBs at all, and while we don’t have a huge amount of PvP players, we have a plethora of targets in AUTZ that you can mess with. They sometimes even form ‘response fleets’. Our most active PvPer is USTZ, but he’s an early riser, so you’ll pretty much have someone to fly with most days.

In-game channel: SWTC Lobby. Discord:

I sent you an in game message! Good luck!

bumping, prehaps. maybe.

Hi there m8

Please make sure to check us out m8

We focus in camping and roaming only


shot you an in game message


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I’d like to thow my name in the pot. We do small gang out in Pochven. I know it’s not null, but if you’re willing to hear me talk, who knows… Discord



hello Autumn Schereau!

We are a US/AU corp with some EU ppl looking for new ppl be part of our family,
we are a bunch of slow drunk retards who always kicks back and relax and do our own thing until we are needed for an op or whatever. also Coms is a must!

what we do offer?
starting with care baring we have full indy set up in our area all structures needed are provided properly rigged, we also have plenty of moon like plentyyyy more than what we need honestly but what could go wrong with more right? except for running out of fuel money with so much structures lol

Saved the last for the best
We do alot of pvp on the right day we are SNAL (Shoot neutrals ask questions later)
we do gate camping
structure bashing

We have FC’s and members that has been in the game for years like 7+ years in the game
we also have Junior FC program the first step to be a full fledge FC.

Down Under Syndrome | Alliance | zKillboard

oh dang i didnt know it would be that long

We would be interested in talking to you mate The Emperor needs you , Join the Imperial Fleet


Hey mate it seems ur would be a really good fit to our group we have us and a cup of auz in corp plenty of optional content in ur timezone come on our discord for a chat

Wanna use your black ops ? We would be interested in you

you already replied to me