Extraction + Cost of Transfer = 6.5bn so any less than that is a bad deal

Extraction is 4b TOPS, transfer fee is 20$ which is another 3-4b which ofc is not translated into any kind of profit for the recipient, where exactly do you see the 9b @Grumpy_Walrus

Scanning Skills , Archaeology and Hacking at 0/5, the rest are 3/5 and 4/5
Trading Skills are not bad but only one at 5/5, the rest at 4/5.

9b extraction value?! lmfao! Please let me know when you purchase this character for 9b and extract for profit because I have a bridge in Manhattan I’d like to sell you.

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Extract = 4bn
Spend the €20 transfer fee on Plex = 2.5bn (500plex)
Total 6.5bn

Excuse my bad math, original was based on 1000 Plex, it’s only 500. So it’s 6.5bn not 9bn

You cannot extract and sell for 6.5bn because that doesn’t include the fee which is the 30% of the value at this many SP, being conservative, you could get 6bn then biomass it instead of selling.

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6b buyout