(Delve Sov/Null) V.O.I.D. - PvP

(Willy Bryan) #1

VOID - Get Off My Lawn

Killboard Here
Public Channel - Into The V0ID
Propaganda - YouTube

About Us
V.O.I.D. is a veteran EUTZ/USTZ/AUTZ PVP corporation that has been around for over half a decade. We have experienced everything from small to large scale combat. Historically we have PVP’ed in low security space. More recently rejoined back into null security space. Regardless of our place in EVE, if there is PVP to be had we go there.

As a corporation we enjoy capitals and using them, while still understanding that sub capitals are a requirement to balance a fight. This is the reason we enjoy playing the game.

Regarding out of EVE, we try to maintain a relaxed environment. We play other games together often. Also we try to have relaxed comms. Any subject is allowed, as long as members conduct themselves in a civil manner.

What We Can Offer
Regular Fleets with experienced FCs
Alliance SRP Program
Large to Small scale PVP
Access SOV Space
Capital Fights
Access to Supers and Titan Discounts

Points of Contact
Willy Bryan - US / AU
T Halifax - US
Slavir Nabru - EU

Recruitment Process
Speak to a recruiter in our public channel or via private message
Provide full API
Interview on Ts3

What we are looking for
Usage of TeamSpeak and Mumble with a working microphone
Self sufficient
Drive and Motivation

123m SP looking for active PvP Null corp
(Willy Bryan) #2

Still hiring.

(Willy Bryan) #3

submit aps, get paps, you know the drill

(Willy Bryan) #4

Still plenty of pvp and pve opportunities, would you like to know more?

(Willy Bryan) #5

Still taking qualified applicants, apply today!

(Willy Bryan) #6

Recruitment is still open, getting some positive applicants!

(Kurasuna Mias) #7

Had a great time talking with some of you, look forward to joining!

(Willy Bryan) #8

Always fun talking with you guys, feel free to drop in and say hi!

(Willy Bryan) #9

Still taking apps, feel free to drop by our channel in game.

(Willy Bryan) #10

Lets keep up the good convo’s, look forward to hearing from you!

(Willy Bryan) #11

Looking forward to hearing from more of you!

(Willy Bryan) #12

Lots of good convos, keep em coming.

(Wreknar Bane) #13

Some good guys in that corp!

(Willy Bryan) #14

^^ see? Positive feedback

(Willy Bryan) #15

Serious question time, are you a member of a failing entity? Come find a new Null home with me, we’d be happy to talk with you!

(Willy Bryan) #16

Get in while the getting is good!

(Willy Bryan) #17

still taking applications!!

(Willy Bryan) #18

love hearing from you guys

(Willy Bryan) #19

Still looking for a group? Come have a convo!

(Willy Bryan) #20

And up the list we go