V.O.I.D. [SHADOW CARTEL] LowSec Pirates Recruiting PVPers


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V.O.I.D. is a veteran USTZ / AUTZ PVP corporation that is looking for members. In our over 7 years of existence we have experienced everything from small gang to large fleet operations. We operate predominantly in Low-sec, but do not mind roaming into Null-sec or wormholes to provide near constant content for our members.

If you are looking for a tight-knit group of guys and girls that aren’t afraid to lose ships in order to enjoy the game and relax, then look no further than V.O.I.D. In regards to out of game, we try to keep a relaxed enviroment on and off comms. Our goal is to make friends that share our enthusiasm of PVP in Eve or the myriad of other games we play together.

What We Offer:
-Daily Doses of PVP from Small frigate Roams to Multi-Alliance Operations
-Extremely Experienced FCs
-Alliance SRP Program
-Access to Gallente level 5 missions

What You Need
-25M SP minimum in PVP/combat related skills
-Usage of Teamspeak with a working microphone
-Ability to be self-sufficient

If you have any questions please feel free to eve mail one of our recruiters:
T Halifax (US)
Chocolate Pickle (AU)
I DaresayADisgrace (AU)

or contact us via our in-game channel: Into The V0ID

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