PoD- Losing ships in style since 2014 (pvp lowsec pirate corp)

PoD- Is Recruiting

In game channel: To The Hilt

A bit about us. We are an ex nullsec corp that has decided to move to lowsec for more casual pew pew. We are experienced in all aspects of eve.

pvp is our main goal in eve. Our members enjoy both small gang and solo.

We dont believe that eve is a job and you must login 24/7 real life really does come first.

We ask our members to be self sufficient as much as possible.

If you are indy there is room for you here but we will ask you to step into logi ships to earn your keep ask for more details on that.

What we are looking for in members:

  • Being as social as possible on our discord

  • A willingness to just get into a small gang fleet to get frags

  • Having no problem with pvping by yourself when corp members are not around.

  • Are reasonably mature, no drama and chilled in it for the fun.

What we will provide:

  • Experienced fcā€™s.

  • A mature no drama group

  • All manner of pvp entertainment.

  • Some t1 ships give outs (when possible)

  • A place to call home.

  • Guys to roam with or camp gates with.

  • Stress free no kb watching be on when you can corp you put in what you get out enviroment do as much or as little as you need in eve.

  • If you are a noob to pvp, there is a good place for you here.

Want to find out more or just to chat with us hit us up in game.

Our channel in game is: To The Hilt or chat here with us https://discord.gg/3JCXA3g

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recruitment is open

speak to us in game or here if interested

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keep contacting us in game its the fastest way to get hold of us o7

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daily bump join us in game join the pub channel mentioned in the above post o7

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daily bump join To The Hilt channel in game to chat to us o7

daily bump as always hit us up in game o7

want to be part of some great small gang action come join us read above for how o7

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speak to us in game o7