Podlins R Us- Looking for more PvP/PvE/Mining pilots

[POD.R] is now recruiting active pilots in USTZ/EUTZ/AUTZ!

Who is [POD.R]?

[POD.R] is the executor corp for the alliance SL0W CHILDREN AT PLAY, and a division of extremely crazy people who have a lot of experience in Eve Online. From angry Scots to enthusiastic PvP players. We all care about 2 things… ISK and fun. ISK is what makes eve go round and why play when you’re not having fun. Leave the complications to our Directors and CEO. Come join us in our venture to destroy those who oppose us!


  • SOV Space
  • Moon Mining
  • Industry Citadels
  • Freight Services
  • PvP (Sov Warfare, Structure Bashing, Gate Camps, Blops, and Capital Warfare)
  • Competent FCs
  • ISK!
  • Dank Memes
  • And many more Perks!

What we require to join:

  • ESI Check
  • 10,000,000 minimal SP Requirement
  • Discord Voice Interview

What we require to stay:

  • Willingness to PvP and fleet up when the time comes to help defend the alliance
  • Be active, respectful, responsive and communicate.
  • Omega Account. This can easily be maintained/acquired once you skill up via in-game revenue streams.
  • Be on comms when in space
  • Have Fun. This is obviously the most important thing.

We are also willing to have corps merge into us.

Any questions or want to join?
Join our recruitment channel: Podlin Puddle
Please feel free to contact Justin Starr STARR , Needz Mor-Luck, or Matthew O’Hearn in game.

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Still looking for pilots

Still looking for more to join us.

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Still looking for more pilots.

Looking for more to join Us

Recruitment is still open.

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Looking for more PvPers,

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