PoD- Recruiting pilots for small gang pvp (lowsec based)

In game channel: To The Hilt

A bit about us. We are an ex nullsec corp that has decided to move to lowsec for more casual pew pew. We are experienced in all aspects of eve.

pvp is our main goal in eve. Our members enjoy both small gang and solo.

We dont believe that eve is a job and you must login 24/7 real life really does come first.

We ask our members to be self sufficient as much as possible.

If you are indy there is room for you here but we will ask you to step into logi ships to earn your keep ask for more details on that.

What we are looking for in members:

  • Being as social as possible on our discord
  • A willingness to just get into a small gang fleet to get frags
  • Having no problem with pvping by yourself when corp members are not around.
  • Are reasonably mature, no drama and chilled in it for the fun.

What we will provide :

  • Experienced fc’s.
  • A mature no drama group
  • All manner of pvp entertainment.
  • Some t1 ships give outs (when possible)
  • A place to call home.
  • Guys to roam with or camp gates with.
  • Stress free no kb watching be on when you can corp you put in what you get out enviroment do as much or as little as you need in eve.
  • If you are a noob to pvp, there is a good place for you here.

Want to find out more or just to chat with us hit us up in game.

Our channel in game is: To The Hilt or

Chat here with us https://discord.gg/3JCXA3g

For those that like kb watching here s some warm fuzziness for you https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98344703/

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In need of a pirate home!
60+M PvP subcap pilot, lowsec bound, seeking new home
100 mil+ pilot looking for RL fun some week evenings and some weekends
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Noob looking for Corp
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Minmatar noob
Mentor needed (UK TZ)
81m Skill point returning player looking for corp
New pilot looking for a good home
Returning UK player 9.5milSP - need noob friendly corp
LF a high sec (maybe low sec) corp/alliance
Returning Player 48M
92 mil sp pilot looking for a corp. Been gone a long time
New caldari pilot looking for military based career pvp
Recruited - Thanks!
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Pilot looking to return to eve, but only if I can find a corp
New player
130M SP Returning player looking for PVP Fun
Looking for a corp, been away a few years
62 mil Sp pilot lf Cal mil or Amarr Mil FW PvP corp
62mil sp char looking for a pvp corp
40m sp Looking for something willing to API/ESI
41m-SP returning pilot, looking for a new home
Returning 95 mil Null Pilot looking for home
New Player LF Corp
131m sp / 121m sp Returning Vet
Newbro looking to try my hand at small gang PvP
Old Player looking for a New home 41 mil sp
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Returning from 18month break, multiple chars
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20mil sp pilot returning with deep pockets looking for ACTIVE Faction Warfare Corp
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80mill sp toon looking for more piracy
Closed Thanks all
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105m SP US player looking for corp
91mill sp player looking around

hit us up in game or discord or join To The Hilt channel in game.

Sound like you will fit in here ? Then why not come fly with us for abit to make sure hit us up in game or on discord check ad above

Recruitment still open hit us up if you want small gang lowsec PvP

Looking for small gang PvP guys have a look at the ad above see what you think

Bump :slight_smile:

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Recruitment still open hit us up in game or discord see you there

Come have a Look!!!

Recruitment still open.

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recruitment still open

quick bump up

we are fun and dont bite… atleast not our own.
Come join the fun!

Also shameless bump

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Come join us in lowsec for PvP shinanningans

lots of small gang available come have a chat in game

want to get some good small gang come to us visit our in game channel To The Hilt o7

Great group of bros!


Come one come all join the shenenigans

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recruitment still open

come get some good small gang join us in lowsec

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

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join us in game and have a chat