New caldari pilot looking for military based career pvp

Just finished all of the beginner and advanced military career paths. I have decided that I want to make my mark on the battlefield and would like to join a corporation or an experienced group of players that wouldn’t mind showing me the ropes. I am in the military my self so I will be on in the evening and weekend. Willing to fill any role on the battlefield so just contact me and let me know of interested! Email:

Hey @Joseph_Couture, when you have time, come say hi in our discord and ask for niv ORGNC. I’d love to talk to you about potentially joining my corp. Fweddit.

You can read more about us from our ad here

Hey man, were looking to train people up for a multitude of different roles; did you have something specific in mind or do you just want to ‘shoot ■■■■’?

No matter where you go, your probably going to want to watch this.
you can skip to around the 5minute mark

Here we will help you get to grips with eve have a look at the ad see if you are interested

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