Den of Bad Company is looking for a new members!

Hello out there!

Den of Bad Company is open for a new teammates to join our squad.
We live in 0-sec. Currently we are a small but active group which does everything starting from PVP to industrial stuff.
We are the guys who came together for the one same reason - we simply want to enjoy the EVE as it is and how we like as well as having a hilarious life on coms.

We have all around TZ presence - EU, US and AUS.
Guys are helpful and positive. We do fly solo, small to mid size gang PVP.

We don’t cover our corporation members in obligations and ‘‘you must’’ stuff but we are active bunch of players and Real Life Comes First!

I will not gonna write how great we are and will not gonna promise you a real exotic dancers but I will say that if you want to feel like personality/pilot/pal/mate/sarcy nerd and not a simple number in a fleet who is getting forgotten after being recruited - you should definitely consider Den of Bad Company!

Remember - if you dish make sure you catch!
Join our in-game public channel.

If you want to talk about it you have few options: PM me or convo in EVE. :parrot: or look for me on Discord: [DO.BC] Ingus R#0989

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Will vouch for Ingus. Hes a good guy and motivated. Give him a shot.

PVE is a good way how to get your self into PVP because second one appears on a grid faster.

Hello everyone!

Hello !

cool dudes!

Closed by request.

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