Bad Vibe - Null Sec PVP Corp now recruiting

Bad Vibe is now open for recruitment.

Now a part of the Trigger Happy alliance!

What we can offer:

• Experienced Fc’s
• PVP focused corp
• Strong social group.
• Aspirations to develop and grow the corporation.
• What we do: - All Size PvP - Blops - Hotdrops - Gatecamps - Roams - WH Trips

We boast some of the most experienced leaders in the game having been around since the very start of Eve Online, bringing their knowledge from leadership positions within CO2, MC, PL and Test to bear in a small tight-knit group of like-minded people that want to have some Fun in the game.

What we are looking for:
• Social & friendly personalities.
• Active during EU or USTZ.
• PVP minded approach.
• 20m SP (not strict, but ideally)

We are a very social PVP corp, where you will spend most of your time trying to kill things and make pretty explosions. When we fight, we all fight or die trying!

We do now hold SOV with infrastructure to allow you to make isk however you prefer.

We have highly motivated eager veterans and FC’s who cross both EU and US Time zones, a target-rich environment and a community to be part of and help shape.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, speak to us in our in-game channel
“Open Bad Vibe” …and join our Discord to start speaking with us straight away!

EU: Farrow Tsasa : KardonHarman : Pestily
US: Master of None

Hey man, I’d like to make an offer with you guys. So my alliance is actively recruiting more guys and corps for null sec PvP. We are a small group but same as you, extremely experienced, lots of ex NC. guys who have over 10+ years experience and lots of great FCs as well. We are mainly USTZ but work with some AUTZ as well. We are PvP focused obviously and would love to work with you guys if possible. Respond on here or add me on discord Jeevz#0335. Cheers

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Still open to like minded pilots- join our discord and find out more

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Recruitment is still open

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Want to be good at what you do, Want to PVP , learn and share the glory, then get in contact now and get them results…

This you will enjoy…