Destined For Glory, BL0B, looking for more! Newbros/Returning Welcome

Destined for Glory is recruiting!

Were a smaller group looking to expand with the right people, we prefer to chill out and have fun above all else, that might be hunting people in home space one day, spending a day melting havens, or yeet fleeting to go kill mtus until somebody yells about a killboard. We a friendly group but do poke fun at each other pretty often so a bit of skin is needed.

-What we offer
Small, tight group
Plenty of pvp opportunities in the form of home defense, alliance fleets, random roams.
Some of the best ratting space in the game and many many good mining opportunities
Casual atmosphere
Do what you want to have fun, be that solo or group.
People with way to many years of experience in this game to help teach anything.

-What we require
Full ESI check
Laid back, we aim to have fun, and sometimes fun involves blowing up.

If you want to know more hop into DFG Recruit in game, or discord! Destined for Glory


Had a couple of folks join, were still looking for some more

to the top!

Still looking for some more

Top sirs

Still around!

been a minute but still looking for new faces

We still going! Come chat us

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