Nullsec corp looking for members,earn easy and safe

Destined for Glory ( WE FORM BL0B ) Looking for active pve/pvp/industry members.

What we offer:
-daily ESS and regular small scale corp roams
-one of the best regions for ratting (guristas/serpentist)
-oportunity to be a part of new growing corporation
-realy nice and calm environment for doing all kind of activities
-friendly and healty community inside corporation

What are we expecting from you:
-4.000.000 SP minimum
-to hang on comms and be part of a ‘family’
-if you are new player to be ready to learn and progress quick

If this looks like your home please hop in our public channel ingame (DFG. Pub) and feel free to ask more questions :slight_smile:
greetings and see ya soon !

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Still recruiting , bump


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