[NA/EU] Tightknit New player friendly nullsec corp. Looking for players

We are a new nullsec corp that lives in Cloud Ring (serpentis space) and we are part of SL0W CHILDREN AT PLAY.

A list of the activities we do as a corp:

- PVE (Ratting/DED’s/Exploration/mining/gashuffing)
- PVP (blops/bombers/yeetfleets/roams/bubblecamps)
- Projects (we provide you with projects you can finish to make some extra isk)
- Wormhole stuff

We try to be as helpful to our new pilots (and new members) as possible and including them in the content we run. Next to that we try to aim for a laidback chill enviroment where we also play other games with eachother and just enjoy EVE.

Talk with us here :
https://discord.gg/bckAXsWyvJ or our public channel: Nonpersistent Threat Public

Our zkillboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98746985/
PS: we also play other games (like private rocket league matches with alcohol and banter)

Come get your daily pvp in !

Everyone welcome <3

Come fight alongside of us :smiley: !
Content everyday, or you farm isk :wink:



Just recruited 4 new players, they are learning new things daily and actually crossing that pvp boundry!

since last week we’re pretty much doing daily fleets consisting off :

Only getting good “reviews” and vibes from our newest recruits (new eve players mostly).
Come and be part of our tit knit corp!

Looking for some pvp enthousiasts!