Devblog: The EVE Invasion World Tour Begins - EVEsterdam Megablog


(CCP Falcon) #1

Check out this devblog for more details on the kick off of the EVE Invasion World Tour at the first event - EVEsterdam 2019!

Read all about it here.

(DeMichael Crimson) #2

Sounds like it’ll be a great event.

This is also very cool:

CORSAIR will be sponsoring EVEsterdam 2019, providing hardware for hosting the Invasion World Tour Tournament at EVEsterdam as well as all manner of goodies as prizes and giveaways for our livestreaming efforts.

Oh yeah,

I forgot to say ‘First’ !!!


(Arrendis) #3

Wish I could get there, sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun. You guys make sure @CCP_Guard gets a proper send-off, hey?

(Gavro Faddon) #4

Stoked for it! Can’t wait for the AMA and the Friendship cruise.

(Rich Darine) #5

Looks like a blast

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #6

cannot make this one, someone buy Guard a Beer for me o7

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #7

Too bad the boat thing is on the Sunday night, doesn’t make sense

(Akrasjel Lanate) #8

EVE Keynote Livestream

(Ian Morbius) #9


(Kranyoldlady) #10

so im watching this and come accros the inplants talk… then i notice this:

slave inplant, bonus to shield hp


(BPRelvara LSG) #11

MEGABLOG replay nr. 11 …