Fanfest 2019 & EVEsterdam

Was very much looking forward to going to Iceland in 2019 for FanFest but sadly they have cancelled it and say that the event will be all over for next year and that EVESterdam would be the main one in Europe I was told. Now it seems as if the Amsterdam fest is dead or just in very dark planning stages I can find no information, get no responses and there has not been a posting since April.

Need to book vacation time, flights, hotels and the like and was wondering what was happening re fanfest for 2019 so we can plan to be there where ever it is going to be?



I will be going too! Also eager for the dates!

yea would be cool to get a date and location for planing



Doesn’t CCP know what is going on??

Evesterdam 2019 will take place on the weekend of March 23-24 at the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam. Ticket sales will be announced in the near future. We hope to see you all there!

On a personal note, I would like to apologise for keeping people in the dark for so long about the date. We had hoped to announce this much sooner, but arranging a venue for our preferred dates and location took much longer than expected. To prevent this, we’ve already placed an option for the evesterdam after 2019. I’d like to offer my apologies again, and hope we will see you at Evesterdam 2019!


It’s the EVE “shutting the lights out” tour of 2019…

Tickets for EVEsterdam 2019 can now be ordered


It was better when Evesterdam was in the autumn

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