Dev blog: The Fanfest 2018 Megablog!

Check out the Fanfest Megablog for the latest information on Fanfest 2018, including key sessions, the charity evening and the full schedule!

Full details here!


Is that the new map in the background? That’s a great omen for the fanfest. :innocent:

And what content is available on the stream? Neither the dev blog nor the schedule gives away that information and it was an issue last year, too.


There’ll be a seperate stream schedule follow up early next week! :slight_smile:


I am confused. Where in the schedule you provided is the meeting between the CCP C-level and the leaders of the RMT cartels? Or is that a working breakfast meeting?


Yay, finally! I have been refreshing the forum every other hour for days. Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

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Gutted to miss this. Will be at EVEsterdam though!


Ehm “the return of fanfast in 2020”
Where will fanfest 2019 be?

Inside a :speech_balloon: hue hue hue

It’s being split 4 ways between the major fanmeets, Evesterdam, Evevegas, Evedownunder +1 tba.

I kinda want a version of that image without the text stuff. Looks like it could be neat wallpaper!

Hopefully one day I’ll get to the fanfest, but I will be watching the livestreams!

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There was rumor about MMA area during fanfest, but I can’t find it on the schedule.

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If streamed The Triglavian Domain could be hour later, but will have to rewatch later. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Why did you tell that there’s no EVE fanfest 2019 this late? I suppose telling this earlier would have increased EVE fanfest ticket sales.

There was also suppose to be 4 place EVE fanfest 2019. Has these plans been cancelled too? No 4 place EVE fanfest ever?

Now I cant wait for Fanfest 2019, its gonna be so stealthy it’ll nearly be forgotten in blogs!

It was announced during EvE Vegas that there won’t be a Fanfeat in 2019, but instead the “World tour”, basically what you mean with the 4 places EvE Fanfest

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Would you please be so kind and include the stream schedule in the Megablog so that I do not have to watch my mail or wait for the offline twitch stream every time I want to figure out what’s next.

If only the actual star map had lines between stars as visible as your promo graphic! :slight_smile:

Darn…wish I was on the top of the world D:

where can i find the concept art? I want to see what ships are getting reskinned since only 2-3 are gonna get changed this year most likely.

hope its the harbinger and prophecy

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