Dev blog: The Fanfest 2018 Alliance Attendance Contest!

Fanfest cometh, and to kick off a little more celebration we’re once again running the Alliance Attendance Contest.

Take a look at this Dev Blog to read more about how your alliance can win sweet prizes at Fanfest 2018 that include reserved balcony seating, a VIP table at the Party On Top Of The World, your colors flown on site and a spot on the all new Alliance Attendance Trophy.

Yeah, great, because Fanfest needs Goon colors all over it. That will sure make it better.


Can we consider counting people that attend on Community/event/fansite passes? My corp/alliance has a considerable amount of people that attend on said tickets, and historically have not been counted, so getting that bar of 10 is hard when 6 of our 11 didnt buy their tickets.

I never go because I think “fan feast” just like the twilight zone ‘to serve man’ and I for one am not getting eaten.

Just make sure that when you buy your Fanfest 2018 pass via Eventbrite, you fill in your Character Name, Corporation and Alliance affiliation.

You would think that the application would be self explanatory…but then again.

For next years Fanfest I would like to suggest bringing in Didgeridoo players to perform their own Didgerier’s along with playing some old Eve Online tunes from the Jukebox on their Didgeridoo’s.

The alliance flag sounds kinda cool if the executor CEO gets to take it home after…lol. Unfortunately don’t have enough people that are willing to fly to Iceland. See you guys in Vegas! Heard that CCP will be considering official meets on the East Coast USA in the future. Hoping it’s in South Florida. Miami would never be the same after EVE took over. :slight_smile:

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