Dev blog: Fanfest 2018 – Call For Player Presenters And Player Swag!

Fanfest cometh, and with only 62 days until we go crazy on top of the world for EVE Online’s fifteenth anniversary, there’s a lot of stuff to take care of!

Check out this Dev Blog for more information on how you can get involved as a presenter at Fanfest 2018, and how you can submit your alliance or corporation’s swag to be included in the welcome pack!

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So, a handful of third party developers were thinking of putting together a panel session and had a few questions about getting it together. @CCP_Falcon are we allowed to have CCP employees on their with us? Also, do you need all of our names and anything special for a panel setup over just a normal presentation?

To answer questions we’re getting regarding getting player swag to us to put into the loot bags, myself and the other volunteers will be at the Harpa all day on Monday, April 9th, throughout the day, just look for us (we’ll be pretty obvious) to hand in your swag. If for some reason you can’t find us, or need to drop it off prior to Monday, you can leave it at Harpa’s Information Desk and ask them to get it to us.

If you won’t be arriving in time to submit swag on Monday, see if you can have a friend who is arriving on/before Monday bring it in for you. Failing that, you can mail your swag to CCP and they will get it to the volunteers stuffing the loot bags. If you mail your player swag to CCP in advance of FanFest, PLEASE write somewhere obvious on the box, FANFEST PLAYER SWAG.

CCP hf.
b/t Steinthor Arnsteinsson
Grandgardur 8
101 Reykjavík

Even if you can’t get the swag to us in time, you can still bring it to the check-in desk and we will then just put it out on the desk for people to take as they check in. It just won’t be able to be placed into the welcome bags in advance (as we’ll be stuffing the bags on Monday evening).

Recommended quantity is 1,200, as that’s the amount of bags we have. You can bring less, of course, and we will put it in however many bags as you have brought swag.

Any questions, please, just ask! And please spread the word!


Let’s see what’s in this years Welcome Bag.

A Warp Gate into Null.
A Large Mobile Warp Scrambler Depot.
Several Stiletto’s warping in.
Loud explodie noises.
A fresh 35,451,980.17 Kill Mail delivered to the inbox.

A Rookie Beware sticker.

Don’t you really think that the Rookie Beware sticker should be the first Welcome item that is seen?

This is Eve Online.

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