EVE Fanfest Returns in 2022

Greetings Capsuleers,

It’s about that time, and as we have now moved closer to everyone’s normality that we are super excited to announce that Fanfest will be returning in 2022. We can’t wait to see you all in May to celebrate this unique event.

We have a site dedicated to all things Fanfest 2022 where you can satisfy all your Fanfest information needs! Check that out right here.

If you missed the news item and want to catch a glimpse of the announcement video then you can find it here.

The party will be out of this world, trust me.

See you all there!


See you all in May.


Charity Dinner with hilmar? I sure hope that attendees receive suffering money for that experience.

Will attendees get mandatory NES buttons at the entrance?



Your website guys might want to fix this picture and text alignment. :innocent:


Nevermind the left leaning text, can’t you see the covert ops in the picture?

Great news! Holding my hopes up for a really big one in 2023 though to celebrate the 20th!

No Harpa? :frowning: But I guess going back to the roots from the early days with Laugardalshöll…


Can we get discount for kids please ? Ahm 3 little dps !


I think you mean complementary Zimmerframes.

Do Linux gamers have to go in via the back/side door?


We’ll get that fixed, thanks for letting me know!

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If we want to get a spouse ticket like in previous years do we just buy 2 tickets, or will those go on sale at a later date?


I have ask also kids no answer… They can do something for familiy size players :frowning:

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Dont go, you will wish you are at home playing EVE online.

Laptop/Tablet and Eve Anywhere :smug:

Except multi-boxers.

If Mac users get smug about their native client, just point at their Notch and laugh :smug:

I see this is your first post, that’s awesome and welcome!

There will definitely be an opportunity to bring your spouse or any non-EVE people from your life to Fanfest. We used to have the Sisters of EVE program and we are planning on doing something similar to offer other events throughout Fanfest to experience Iceland.

I unfortunately don’t have any specifics to give at this time on that besides that it is being planned and we will announce it separately later down the line.


They’re gonna announce the Singularity New Eden Store… the SNES.

Soon to be followed by the NE64 service.


Amiga isn’t dead yet, why no Native client there?

Amiga has died and lived on more times than Eve.

(Just don’t mention the CD32 or CDTV)

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extinction burst…

How Do i got about going to this?

since you missed seeing the link in the first post, i’ll give it to you here EVE Fanfest 2022 | 6-7 May | Reykjavik, Iceland

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