Fanfest not in Iceland in 2019

Ok this might be in the wrong part, but I’m not convinced too many read the events bit.

So with Fanfest being a world tour in 2019 how does everyone feel about that?

For me it’s a ferry trip away, much cheaper than flying to Iceland. Also I just hope the venues can cope with the possibility of a large increase in numbers…

For those who didn’t watch EvE Vegas, Fanfest is going to 4 places in 2019. Evesterdam, EvE Downunder and the West and East coast of the USA. Then it’ll return to Reykjavic in 2020.


The last fan fest of Iceland might be a big deal then :wink:

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But doesn’t this mean its going to end up as different content for each event or are we going to be getting the same info just repeated 4 times or are they going to somehow co-ordinate a fanfest spanning 4 locations at the exact same time :stuck_out_tongue:

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That… that may end up looking unimpressive.

I always remember Fanfest being held in one place, great show, something important. Beautiful even, when some people even engaged on the stream. Eh, I suspect it will be less of a thing then, I dont think it will be the same great format as it was before with so many locations, before smaller audiences.


If, and that’s a very big IF, CCP hasn’t run the game into the ground by then.


I look at it already as if there would be no Fanfest that year, just a bigger dev tour. Organizing these shows and streaming? Did they even considered streaming? I hope they did.


A brilliant and foolproof plan, to be sure. A plan as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University…


This is entirely my educated guess, but I highly doubt eve will die before 2020. It may taper off to a much smaller dedicated core playerbase by 2020, maybe even half the current playerbase numbers, but it’ll still be kicking… unless CCP does something truly apocalypticly stupid anyway, which I admit… they have a track record of doing… but also managing to survive somehow each and every time.

On-topic, this could be interesting as the long ass trip to iceland is the only thing keeping me from attending these events.

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We dont know how schedule will look at this point, but I dont think it would ever overshadow the Fanfests hold in Harpa. There was always something new entirely, teasers, new technologies, presentations. But if they will just go to drink and dance with their permaband, that will be disappointing for me. I was looking for new stuff or those special moments, memorable, like gallente RP by dancing on scene for example, I rolled on my bed laughing joyfully, it was some good stuff, liberating. :joy:

So I will keep my apocalyptic thoughts for a “I knew it” future post. Hope it will never happen.

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I honestly welcome this change,

#bring eve Fan Fest to USA…


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They should move it around like the Super Bowl :smile:

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EVE Vegas ended few days ago and you want something like it again already? CCP dont have time to journey around the world all the time, they have to work sometimes on these new games. :laughing:

Even permaband members are working in CCP as developers.

Any more details on this? A CCP post or anything?

Also question: I live in the UK so would it be cheaper to go to Fanfest in iceland or Evesterdam?

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i honestly want CCP to Hire USA dev’s,

that way this game will live and actually fix and resolve its problem



and that comes from a VIP with sony!


do we know where at on the east coast? This is the first I’ve heard this, super excited

The only downside i see is that usually around Fanfest any development stops ("developers are preparing for Fanfest/ developers working on Fanfest/ developers having some rest after Fanfest).

Make 4x of it and you might end with held development for the whole year :open_mouth:

It would be cheaper to go to Amsterdam, but if you’ve never done Iceland it’s worth thinking about.

My prefered way would be Newcastle-Amsterdam on the overnight ferry which you can usually get for a lot less than £100 return. Then ofc you need a hotel.

At the presentation they hadn’t quite decided where on the East Coast…

u couldnt resist that o7

…seriously? Sounds pretty silly but, whatever… it might just be the last EVE Fanfest ever, provided how well is faring EVE.

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