Devblog: War, War Sometimes Changes

This is wrong. That’s not how it works. Normally logging off isn’t safe at all, and safe logoff won’t work because the bumper will have a target lock on the freighter.

Sure there is. Merely having a target lock on someone is enough to prevent him/her from being able to do a safe loggoff.

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If players are being bumped for hours though, I didn’t think that ‘the bumpers’ would be wasting ships to hit the occasional scram?

Did not realise this was the case.

I can see a reason for all the other exceptions listed, but this seems to only be applicable in High Sec space (cause anywhere else you’d be pointed/aggressed). Would it break anything if you could be target locked and still safe log off? (apart from no longer being able to bump someone for hours)


Corvette with t1 scram. Costs like 20k. Only needs to be done once. then just Corvette to keep target with pvp timer. Costs zero.

Suicide scrams (which can be beat with the correct setup anyway) only help against webs.

If someone doesn’t have webs, then no suicide scram is needed for an effective bumper. If they do have webs, a corvette is absolutely useless (less than useless) as a scram counter.

The lock time at all level 5 skills in a corvette just fit with a scram is 1.7 seconds. The freighter will be gone.

It’s easy to make up scenarios that make it look easy, but in practice, as a person who sits on the other side (flies freighters on my alt and webs them on my main), a suicide point on a corvette is about as useless as it gets.

Now, there are plenty of freighter pilots that don’t care about their safety and they deserve to die. They also deserve the consequence of a corvette scramming them if it happens. All they have to be is not that pilot.

The suicide scram was to stop the warp off on log. Nothing to do with tackle on a gate.
You might want to read the reply chain before commenting. I’m well aware of how things happen on gate.
Though even then it can work to tackle your web frigate to then kill it. And then you have a freighter with no webs.
But yes, that isn’t going to be a standard case I agree.

I thought this thread was about wardecs. I did read the reply chain and none of it is relevant to the actual topic.

So if anyone needs to read anything, go look in the mirror and take the same advice.

Nothing special about adding a 15 minute timer requires a scram. It can be done with any offensive module, even the civilian gun that is fit to a corvette.

Nevyn, good point about the friendly mod, so scratch that idea. What about an alternative limited engagement? Right now, a duel is a limited engagement where you can fight each other. Maybe create a new limited engagement that’s an allegiance (or some other better word choice) where the pilots can use mods that help other. A web mod could be used in both types of engagement since it functions negatively (web/scram combo) and positively (enter warp quicker).

Another idea is to allow webs to be used amongst people in the same fleet. There’s probably some reason, though, that that could be exploited.

A new type of engagement 'could’work, but it would remove any need to trust your webber because they couldn’t hurt you. Which I feel would be bad for the game.

A better solution is remove the need for a Weber all the time by having real fittings, allowing a mwd pulse to get into warp faster while leaving a webbed for special occasions rather than always required

I think you gents need to take this to the features forum… so it can be shut down over there.

You have effetely derailed this thread.

I know I’m guilty higher up as well… but lets get back on topic. I want to see more what is being done to kill the small time wardeccer… who does not actually exist anymore.

Or you could just have your webbing alt/friend in the same corp, and it’s not an issue. Your corp does have ‘friendly fire’ enabled, right? Cause that’s the solution right there.

No need for ‘alternative engagements’ or changes to how fleets work. If you’re at war and trying to move a freighter without an escort… well I’ll just hope you’re not doing that.

I hear that sometimes, war changes… sometimes it does not.


Logging off isn’t supposed to be an acceptable evasion tactic. I’m pretty sure that requirement was added precisely to ensure you cannot safely log off if there is some other pilot on grid that doesn’t want you to for whatever reasons.

It doesn’t matter what those reasons are or whether you can even figure what they could possibly be. If you’re on grid with someone else that doesn’t want you to safely log off for whatever reason, you simply shouldn’t be able to, period.

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Dear ccp, this improvements are great…or better,they can be great if y fix some mechanics…
1Many corps are focused only in pve and now y can farm a hight sec and totally avoid pvp or any fear of it,same thing about miners,basically this will grow inflation and drop ore costs and some missions like of SOE isk/h
2many corps just make a fake corp with some alte that holds only they available citadel,and just avoid any risk to be killed,and still have citadels or poses in use,most of users doing this are chinese pve focused pilots,if this will be not fixed soon,we will receive another chinese server with 500 plexs cost of 20B!!! And online about 1-2k maximum…I think many players will agree ccp must solve this problems.

2 months old, I know, but since I have first-hand experience with this, though I’d chime in.

A couple Christmases ago me and some friends were at the fireworks/snowball fight party that Commander A9 throws every December in Luminaire (home of Gallente Prime and Caldari Prime and all that).

My alt was in an NPC corp at the time and so I had dueled my alt so I could fire Abaddon rainbow laser beams at myself and snowballs back the other direction and put on a fun light show. One of my friends in fleet with me was putting rep drones on various people in fleet (again, for the effect… no one actually needed repping)… unfortunately, despite my two toons being in a duel (limited engagement) with each other and my friend’s safety being set to green, the game allowed his rep bots to rep one of my accounts and he was immediately that rarest of things–a suspect with a green safety on still.

A friendly trade hub station gamer happened to be there, and before he could get away, a bump mach and a t3c were on his ass. We tried to save him but weren’t able to counterbump him back to station. CCP later reimbursed his loss after a petition, but the killmail remains on his zkill and the attackers’ zkills, ofc.

SO… under this new system, he would have been concorded because of his rep drones on a fleetmate despite green safety. Guess he was “lucky” to just end up suspect in a situation he should not have been able to, though the result ended up being the same in that case–ship loss.

There were some bugs with drones that got fixed a while ago.
They should be safe to use now. Though any losses will also get replaced if a bug occurs. So just a little hassle anyway.

I hope so! haven’t tested it since then. :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems CCP has finally given me after 8 years later, the opportunity to WD a large alliance in high sec with a small corp at a “reasonable” price without having to sacrifice an upwell structure in the process?

There’s no one left who wants to do that anymore!;_ylt=AwrCwGEiDclcbDMAFAAPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=keyboard+head+banging&fr=yhs-arh-001&hspart=arh&hsimp=yhs-001#id=2&vid=481ddc6c224b7ffc408bb26a716de866&action=view

May 2019

War Headquarters
War cost simplification
Improved mutual wars
War UI improvements

Ok. And where is it? May 2019

I need War Headquarters

The new patch, well expansion, is to be released on May 28. It will include the War HQ.


A way to share items with out being in a corporation technically already exists through trade and contracts. However, what I believe most people are seeking is something similar to the diversity allowed in the real world when it comes to businesses and business structuring.

Currently as is, your corporation is setup much like partnership. where two or more people share financial and legal responsibilities, and a few are actually in charge of the corporation. IE CEO directors etc. who control the actual assets and abilities given within the corp in order to maintain a uniform front for that corporation.

A single player is basically a Sole Proprietorship.

You might want to consider adding in corporation types and maybe making some changes like for example.

Partnership Corporation - Basically what you currently have with a slight twist. Every member has basically the same abilities there really isn’t a CEO etc., First 5 members are classifed as “founding members” and all are partners. Votes are required any major dicision such as, Wars, Applications, Tax changes, friendly fire, etc. Structures can be anchored by any member with out restraint. With or with out a structure being in space this corporation due to its type would be war eligible. This would be similar to that of a real partnership.

Limited Parnership - Basically the same as above however this corp remains non-war-eligible. Can not hold sov space. They Can anchor structures provided they purchase Concord Certificates (Possible isk sink). That could cost say 100,000 isk per certificate that would be placed in fuel bay and depending on structure size consumed at 1, 2, or 4 per hour.

Full Corporation - All members that join are classified as employees, This is where CEO, COO etc. options are available for leadership positions. Also an extra option is available here where employees can receive a “salary” from the corp. Only those in high level leadership positions can anchor structures, declare war, make changes etc. You could open the stock market up for these corporations and allow the corporation to sell stock and approve dividends this would add a whole new dynamic to the game. Again this corp type would always be war eligible.

Limited Liability Corporation - Basically the same as a regular corporation but remains non-war-eligible. Can not hold sov space. They Can anchor structures provided they purchase Concord Certificates (Possible isk sink). That could cost say 100,000 isk per certificate that would be placed in fuel bay and depending on structure size consumed at 1, 2, or 4 per hour.

Non-Profit - Basically a sole proprietorship that links their wallet with the corp to allow for the purchasing of a corporate office. There would be one wallet that would be “linked” to the leaders wallet for use to rent corporate offices for asset trading etc. Non-war eligible can not anchor structures at all.

Co-Op - Basically a partnership where up to 5 can link a corporate wallet to rent an office, they don’t have access to each others wallet or linked wallet just that each can rent an office with there own wallet and still remain part of the same corporation. Again non-war eligible, and can no anchor structures.

To get more into the stock market which is sitting there at not being used. players should be able to see profit losses with corporate wallet, not so much who or what contributes to that wallet just that the business is either making money or loosing money. Just like in the real stock market they can they offer to purchase stock and those that own stock can sell it. There could be stock splits, and dividend allowences. In order to keep it simple that is, all corporations can do this and all players should be able to participate in the stock exchange. Broker fees can be associated with transactions (Another potential isk sink). Being that isk exchanged would be from player to player, and that the passive income gained through dividends would also be from player to player and not generated by the game.

Another thought would be the introduction of a corporation market system. Limited to say only the Full corporation. Sharing of internal corp merch has always been a thing with corps for a long time where they have their own stores with there own swag, or items at discounted prices etc.