[DFION] Nous Defions | The Initiative

We’re here to kick butt and chew bubble gum…and we’re all out of bubble gum…we seek like minded pilots!


Still seeking like minded people to fly with, inquire within…



Back to the top!

Still recruiting

Good group of guys.



Hope you’re well Mav.

Still seeking space nerds!

Recruitment is still ongoing!

War is upon us, we seek space nerds to join the fight!

Still looking for pilots to bolster the ranks! For inquiries feel free to message me on discord: Nemleon#9493

At the tip of the Imperium spear! We seek pilot’s with a willingness to fight.

Looking to grow our numbers, still recruiting!

War is A’comin’, be a part of it!

Recruitment is currently on hold until further notice. Thank you for your patience!

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