Did He Say Jump - Nomadic Small Gang PVP & Dank Frags

Tengu Me Down

Did He Say Jump is recruiting.

We are actively looking for skilled f1 monkeys players who are interested primarily in elite button pushing skillful small-gang PvP.

We require 50 mil SP, a dread/fax alt, and a positive attitude

(Exceptions made for sp if your attitude fits well with ours)

Preference will be given to those who will sing to us while we are waiting to bridge

If you are interested in learning more about what we do, please join our in game channel: DHSJ

The Old Days

Recent Fight


Contact Predator Elite if you are an old bro looking to come back.


Bump… awesome fights this week!

Bump, good pvp so far having fun being back.

Still causing mayhem

If you like pew, get in touch!

We fight outnumbered with cheap ships… what more do you want?

To the top!

The weekend is here… nerds assemble

More old bros coming back each day. : ]

Bump Still Recruiting!


Mic drop…

Bunch of arsehats in comms pred rage’s during fleet and im amazed they even get any kills… 10/10 will always fly with DHSJ good guys… kinda

These guys don’t totally suck

The Good ole Days Are BACK! :scream:

Happy Fourth of July… We are still accepting decent pvprs


Pred and the rest DHSJ crew said that if I don’t bump this thread, my family would be shipped off to a North Korean “Re-Education Camp.” SSSOOOOOOOOO…


meh… we are okay I guess. Come find out.

We numba one, Brack Legion…