Did He Say Jump? - Nomadic Small Gang PVP & Dank Frags

Did He Say Jump is recruiting.

We are actively looking for skilled players who are interested primarily in small-gang PvP.

We are in an alliance who shares the same passion for pvp and fun on comms. If you love shooting ships in a small gang setting against the odds, we may be a good fit.

We require 50 mil SP, a dread/fax alt, and a positive attitude

(Exceptions made for sp if your attitude fits well with ours)

Preference will be given to those who will sing to us while we are waiting to bridge

If you are interested in learning more about what we do, please join our in game channel: DHSJ


Recent Deployment

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Recruiting Spais now

Recently returned to the game and joined up with DHSJ because of a friend. Overall the best mixed-content experience I’ve had anywhere in EvE

While the focus is very much on competency and fighting up-numbers, there is a little something for everyone, and members are always willing to share expertise with diverse parts of the game.

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We have pew pew and fun comms.

Still looking for more bros. Lots of good fights lately.

Still looking for nerds

Is this thing still on

always after the pew pew

We are always looking for a few good men. Val is anyway…

more pew pew erry day

Still shooting nerds

We love to pew pew

Papa can you hear me

Still looking for skill

To the top pls

Still searching for nerds

Open for skilled players

Here we go again

Still looking for nerds

We still ridin.