Did He Say Jump - Nomadic Small Gang PVP & Dank Frags

Pred is mean and smells

Dad… Is that you?

I gotta meet the quota, sign up kids.

Honestly, we are terrible.

Please join us for pew

We are pretty terrible honestly.

dad? Please

We don’t bite… jk we actually have a BDSM fetish.

Dad, where are you?

Need more folks for the blood god.

Mehoy Minoy

Please god… come to us

We like PVP

This is probably the horniest group of people known to mankind. 1/10 is against gangrape
ps. would rimjob pred any hour at the day.

is 18.5 Mil close enough for SP?

Here for PEW PEW

We are genuinely terrible

We actually do some genuinely fun small gang stuff

Still looking for new bros

Mama says alligators are ornery cause they got all them teeth and no toothbrush