Did you know Rusted is Recruiting? [RRUST] - NPC Null- PVP - US & EU TZ

Never bridge always jump…

From Lowsec Dread bombs to TiDi horror fest we do it all.

vlad still likes to disco

I’m the OG Rusti. But RRUST are Chads.

Still bumping the great corp

Vlad is the best corp leader in the history of the game he strips live every Sunday on the discord stream.

Rusted are great. They are the only corp I’ve ever been in with a dedicated feet pics channel, are able to scare off 50+ hostiles in like 7 battleships, and smells a bit like teen spirit.

Join us today - RUSTED is RECRUITING.

Rusted is Recruiting. You know, one of the nice things about being in this corporation are all the recipes we share. Our CEO Vlad is a master BBQ expert IRL, and will share all his recipes with you, and I always pass on my wife’s world class level sweetie bakery club recipes. Join today and you’ll be drowning in yummy wonderful goodness to eat!

(errr, not really, Vlad’s grill looks like a Fisher Price toy, and my wife…well…you do have to join to hear about that one…)

Did you know rrusted is recruiting?

Did you know RUSTED is recruiting?

More enden fights

More fights

Ignore the fights that’s just the preshow. Vlad literally strips on live stream during corp meetings there is no better place than here Join us now.

Looking for nerds to continue being nerds but with us.

Still shooting ships with nerds. Come join. ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

Bump vlad is the best Corp leader ever he is my hero and i love him very very much uWu

All These kills, need more dudes.

Though some will be leaving the north we remain to continue to cloaky camp frat.

Another week another bunch of GFS.