Diplomatic Incident "We make Dipo's unhappy"


(Johann Landier) #1

Diplomatic Incident is an active PVP corp inside of Darkness Alliance a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition.

We are built around our members & teamwork first who always come to the aid of our friends!

We welcome all skill levels, PvP, PvE, Indy, & Miners

Our corp and alliance operates in the US/EU/AU Time Zones, and we even have a guy from Sweden.

What we offer:

  • An Active Corp and Alliance
  • TS Server, Forum, Unified Coalition Comms, Corp/Alliance SRP, and KB for corp/alliance
  • Plentiful Economic opportunities for all player levels
  • Knowledge from Veteran Players in all aspects of the game
  • Daily Freight/Logistics High > Low > NULL Sec
  • Stable team focused corp looking to grow.
  • Corp mining purchase program
  • Daily fleets:Small Gangs, Alliance/Coalition LevelFleets.Capital/Super/Capital Warfare/Blackops
  • Opportunities for new players to learn/grow(Become a FC, Logistic, Industry, PvP, Corp/Alliance Leader)
  • Team Focused Players
  • New Player to Veteran friendly
  • Member of Darkness Alliance/nul-sec
  • RL first Eve second
  • Access to 0.0 space.
  • And most importantly we are a good group of Bro’s to be around.

What we are looking for:

  • Team oriented, enjoy the game but willing to support alliance operations
  • The Ability To Fly and/or train for doctrine ships
  • Work within a Corporation/Alliance
  • Willingness to work towards our collective goals and operations

Join our Discord DIPLO Discord

Contact Johann Landier in game or click on the Discord link above and get to know us.

Diplomatic Incident is built around our members & teamwork first who always come to the aid of our friends!

(Johann Landier) #2

Still recruiting New Bro’s and vet’s alike


(Johann Landier) #3

Still looking for some new blood

(Johann Landier) #4

Still open for recruiting

(Johann Landier) #5

Still open for recruiting

(Johann Landier) #6

Still Recruiting

(Johann Landier) #7

recruiting open

(Johann Landier) #8

still recruiting

(Johann Landier) #9

Recruiting freeze over… join us… click on our discord link and see what we are about.

DI Public

(Johann Landier) #10

recruiting open

(Johann Landier) #11

We are recruiting

(Johann Landier) #12

Join Us

(Johann Landier) #13

Join us… we have taco tuesdays

(Johann Landier) #14

give us a look https://discord.gg/k62QAMF

(Johann Landier) #15

join us… you know you want to

(Johann Landier) #16

We are now recruiting again… Join our discord Diplo Public Discord

(Johann Landier) #17

Looking for more bros to have fun with

Join our discord Diplo Public Discord

(Johann Landier) #18

Join Us. we have all the best memes

DI Public Discord

(Johann Landier) #19

Still recruiting DI Public Discord

(Navyk) #20

If you want a great corp that is team oriented and your a name not a number then DI is for you. We are a hoot to be around so check us out!! Yes that’s an order :fireworks: I am glad to be a part of them and so should you.

– Navyk