Alliance Recruiting Corporations - Diplomatic Immunity

TLDR: Diplomatic Immunity.

DIP is an alliance recruiting corporations (PvP needed but can discuss industry). What we are looking for is:

  • Non Toxic
  • RL First
  • PvP oriented (can make isk / indy but goal is for PvP purposes)
  • Null Sec - We own our SOV (NO RENTING EVER)
  • Extremely experienced leadership
  • Dont flip out about KB losses
  • Remember Eve is a game
  • Lobster memes are a serious thing

Currently Looking For:
1-2 Additional Industrial Corps
PvP Corporations (especially ones with some SP that know how to fly)

TLDR Pitch:
Eve is boring. It went from “Good Fights” to “Safety First”. Null sec is owned by giant entities who have massive swathes of unused space but drop 100 supers on someone for peeking through the window at. People are afraid of stepping outside of the box and doing something different because, “I’ve been burned before”, I need 500b isk, I don’t want to lose a fight." This is why Eve stagnates, people get bored and bittervets happen.

You want to make a change in the game, try helping to build something new instead of joining the established order and complaining about it…

Why should we even consider your tiny no name alliance?!

Excellent question, because Eve is frigging boring now. Low sec is a few major entities that like to drop everything that moves, high sec is risk free PvP generally instapopping folks in tradehubs and null sec is major blocs that just murder each other in TiDi. Average Eve pilot is older now, experienced, and doesn’t enjoy sitting in massive 1k+ tidi super fights that don’t result in much. Why not give something different a chance for once, try to build something new, with folks who aren’t complete tools.

What experience do you eve have running an alliance?

DIP was previously a 400-500 man alliance with 20 owned SoV systems. Sure I made mistakes, also learned from them and my real life is much different now which makes me a much more relaxed person. I’ve been in Eve mostly since 2007, minus the two year break I just had. I’ve been around the block in Eve and rolled at some point with most major entities - thus my desire to build my own.

Your killboard is trash, and you want to recruit us?

Because I don’t care. My personal kb was (and still mostly is) always 90%+ across board. My new toon is in that general area despite doing stupid ■■■■ like trying to fight 9 vs 1 and stuff. You think our KB sucks, join and give me numbers in fleet… I’m letting Eve folks actually play the game and not screaming for stupid losses.

At end of the day we want to recruit folks who want a slightly different experience in Eve. I’m not terrified of allowing indy folks in “gasp” the main alliance. I want people who want to play, chill, logoff with family as needed. I have insane experience in game, full alliance service suite setup, and am very prepared to go the distance… just need more pilots to do so.

Get in touch today to discuss and get to know me better, let’s voice chat and explain goals, what we would like to do, and see if there’s a good fit on both sides!

Radjick DragonRider
CEO Vitriolic Animosity
Executor Diplomatic Immunity.

Discord: Heartcarver#1296 (it’s always on even at work but cant always do voice)

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Already been lots of interest actually - looking for additional like minded corporations to fly with us

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We have taken our SOV and looking for a couple of indy corps and PvP pilots wanting a change…

LF additional PvP Corps (will take an indy corp or two)

Need more folks :slight_smile:

Lobster lovers get in touch!

Still recruiting

PvP Corps or an indy corp looking for a new home hit me up!

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Still looking

Need a few more PvP corps!

LF additional corporations (need a decent indy corp too)

Still need one real indy corp and a handful of pvp corps

LF more corps

!! looking for more corps !!

LF more Industrial/PvP Corps to join us in our Null pocket.

!! Looking for PvP and Indy corps to join our sov null alliance !!

!! Were looking for more corps come help build something, PvP an Indy corps welcome !!

We have 7 SOV systems and plenty of room for corps as well as individuals. Come out and help us spice up QFC.

!! were looking for more corps !!

Want to try something new? Get in touch with us today!