[EU / US] Corp - Looking for Alliance

Title says it all - we’re in the process of looking for alternatives.


  • 4-5 active guys breathing and able to make some kind of noise getting together in a new corp but know eachother for many years.
  • Great sense of humour, adults - not interested in adopting a second non-paying job.
  • We will recruit but want to expand with likeminded people.
  • Interested in PVE/Industy - Join fleets when we can for homedefence or Ops.
  • Old vets who have been in Eve for a long time.
  • Null based.
  • Not just F1 monkey’s. We have wifes and girlfriends to who we have to listen enough.


  • Good infrastructure
  • Null based
  • SRP etc is a great addition though not required
  • No drama

If you’re a match throw a post down here or contact me on this toon - looking forward to chatting with you!

Do you have an ESI / Gate your members?

Test Alliance is rebuilding and needs good people

We are in the process of getting together as corp, Once that is done, we will that available.

9 Jumps to Jita, We are in Null and we cater to start up corps. Come find me in game!



Are you an experienced null sec PvP Corp looking for a different kind of Alliance?

Are you a PVP Corp, of any size, and you want to grow in a supported and protected environment?

If you are looking to kick your Corp up a gear and have aspirations of greatness?

We are waiting to tell you what we can do for you on our Weaponised recruitment server
Check out the website : weaponisedanarchy.com

We are also the recruitment and development Alliance for Corp’s who have an aspiration to join Northern Coalition

Check out our full ad

My advise, check out Weaponised Anarchy above. We recently joined and it has a lot to offer.

If you want something smaller and close-knit then check out ‘Always Take the Bait’ based in Immensea. Feel free to convo me in game if you want a chat, as I’m not into hard selling people or promising things I can’t deliver.


I want to pass some information along to you that may be able to assist in your search for an alliance. I would love to hear back! you can hit me up either in game (Reaper Avada or Grim Avada), or on discord - reaperavada

Thank you for your time, I hope you find this information interesting.

ratting tax:
5% of total ratting income

corp moon tax program
1% R4
5% R8
10% R16
15% R32
– R64 moons will be owned and operated by the alliance if we obtain a system with one

occupied moons: the occupying corp can make their own rules for who can / can’t mine them. see their CEO / leadership if you’re interested in mining their moons.

Structure ownership:

Corporations are allowed to operate their own medium stations (raitaru, astrahaus, athanor) other station ownership may be approved by alliance executives should they be needed or requested.

corporations are responsible for fitting, and fueling their own stations / POS towers.

Fleet participation:

No fleet tracking requirement – corps are asked to have their members train into our doctrine pvp ships (caracal, ferox, Gila, tempest doctrine + support ships, plus any others that we may add)


current rates: 1500 isk per M3 with 1% collateral fee if collateral is used from our staging system to Jita.

alliance co-executives:
Reaper Avada // RyoSHazuki

Alliance Diplo:
Cyntrl Mileghere

CVA is recruiting corps, we’ve been around since 2003 so we’re not going anywhere. We live in Providence, we’re no longer NRDS. We’re similar to you guys in a lot of ways – a lot of nullsec veterans, we want to expand the right way and we’re building something here.

  • We have R64 moons, alliance and corp-rented
  • We have a full industrial setup or 2
  • No fleet tracking etc but we ask that corps poke members to join our CTAs & strat ops
  • We have SRP up to & including caps (supers are flown at your own risk)
  • We’re not aligned with either of the major blobs so half of null isn’t blue to us

If you’re interested send an EVEMail to me, Equinox Daedalus and/or Trony.

Hey hey! What about ESOTERIA? :slight_smile: Under SHADO and Imperium wings! <3

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