Directx12 Raytracing

Is this CAS technology exclusive to AMD cards only?

What about Directx12 Raytracing?

As stated in the DevBlog: “It is graphics card agnostic, so you will see a benefit no matter what GPU you have”.

DX12 Raytracing is more complicated since, so far as I know, it only works on Windows 10. Does it provide enough benefit to justify the maintenance burden of supporting both ray tracing and rasterization in the client?

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As stated here

Switching to DirectX 12 will give us a huge increase in bandwidth to utilize more modern advances in graphics technology to continue to make New Eden more stunning than ever before. With DirectX 12 we’ll be able to use technologies such as DirectX Raytracing, and will be able to invest more time into overhauling effects, environments and visual feedback in EVE Online to provide an even richer and more immersive experience for all our pilots.

I just wanted to know if CCP started it, are in half way or are 80% complete or maybe ditched the idea.

We’ve been told that they have DX12 up and running internally and expect it to ship this year. Not sure when but you’ll get plenty of notice and there will almost certainly be an opt-in “beta” period, similar to the switch from DX9 to DX11 a few years ago.

I don’t see anything to suggest that DirextX Raytracing is supported by Wine so it will likely be Windows 10 only.

That is no answer for my question :slight_smile:
Yes, I’m aware that DX 12 API is Win10 only. I’m not asking about Wine anywhere. I know CCP is making progress in DX12 but that doesn’t constitute DXR. And my question is about DXR.

You mean that year and a half old dev blog?

No. CCP devs have been very active on the podcast circuit over the past couple of months discussing the content they had planned to present at Fanfest. As stated, they have DX12 up and running internally but haven’t told us whether it will ship in the 3rd or 4th quadrant.

Given that the client uses Wine to run on Mac and Linux, that will be a consideration when deciding which DX12 features to implement - or they may choose to keep DX11 for those users (and Win7 holdouts) and go all in with DX12 for Win10. There is a maintenance burden and possible consistency issues that will factor into that decision. Members of the art team were on the push-to-talk podcast a week ago. You could have asked them yourself if you had been in chat but it’s unlikely anyone on the forums will have answers - only opinions!

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please read

I also have Q to devs about this feature when this will be implemented?

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Do we really need cutting edge ray tracing on 17 yr old blocky ship models?

Like seeing the pimples on a porn star’s ass in 4k

short answer yes.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Ship models changed several times during that time.

Pretty sure my eyes aren’t that bad yet. I can pick out individual seams between model primitives.

Of course dazzeling the masses with eye candy is an easy out to avoid fixing glaring gameplay issues.

Hey there - yes DX12 is actively being worked on. I wouldn’t want to put a timeframe on it lest it raise expectations, but it’s in development.


The answer is yes.

Work is still happening in the background, but I don’t want to put a date on DX12 yet. While it’s always nice to be able to tell players when to expect a feature, this is one of the low-level parts of EVE that needs special attention. I want to be upfront and say that it may even ship next year. When we deliver it, it must have tangible benefits to users and work with all our existing content.

Hilmar has touched on some of the work we are doing internally in a recent Twitch stream, and there is another tonight. In short: We’re working on some of the lowest level, core parts of EVE, with code that has largely remained untouched for a very long time. This includes compilation of the client, window management, the networking stack and rendering. We want to ensure that we have a solid foundation for EVE going into the 3rd decade, and DX12 is certainly going to be part of that at some point.

It’s also true that we do have DX12 builds internally, but it’s important to emphasise that these are development builds…and trust me: You don’t want to be playing on one of these development builds :grin:

Your comments about Wine / Mac are on point. There are considerations there that we’re looking at right now.


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for the record :slight_smile:

I want the sunglare to be raytraced right into my cortex

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