DisturbedGamers. Nullsec Corporation with over 11 years of history


Is a Corporation focused upon fun per hour over ISK per hour. I have played EvE Online for over a decade, was a guest speaker in 2015 in Reykjavik Iceland, have been fighting Neuroendocrine Cancer for over 6 years, lead thousands of pilots to conquer vast areas of player owned space and flew with Northern Coalition in 2016-2017. I took a break from 2019 to 2020 due to my health. Thanks to advances in Medical Technology I have been given a new lease on life and found time in my busy schedule to come back to the game and community I love. My plans are once again to sink myself into the meta of player owned space and the dynamic battles that I love. I am looking for laid back self sufficient pilots to join our ranks and a sprinkle of new beans to teach the ways of life in EvE Online.

What I Offer:

Daily PVP/PVE/Mining fleets
Free ships for new bros
Friendly, laid back environment
Access to upgraded player owned space
Access To Moons, Anoms, DED’s, Relic and Data Sites
Skill progression help
WH Day Tripping Fleets
Fully Boosted Mining OPs

Ingame Connections:

DGSix Kado / Leader & Diplomat

Andy Post POSTAL 2nd in Command

Ingame Channel: DGS Pub

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