Do any abyss co - op channels for match ups exist?

Are there any channels where people interested in co op abyss hang around in you know about?

LOL, people don’t co-op, they multibox. Why sharing?

In lower tiers they just solo, multiboxing abyss isnt the easiest either.

boring :u

remember that there is no concord in abyss. Be ready to be killed by anybody “for the lolz” if they join you.
100% social game.

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So you wanna trust a random person, that they wont fail? Because if they fail, you will loose your ship.

Hey friendo, welcome to EVE. That’s kind of the whole point of this game.

Nah the point is to not trust random people and find people in a corp that you can trust.

How do you know which corp to trust if you don’t know anyone in the first place?

You dont. You need to try them. And if they dont scam you, you try to keep them around.
Thats why you dont take randoms from a chat channel, because you risk everything every single time.

‘Abyssal Lurkers’ chat in game for abyss
‘Emerging Lurkers’ chat in game for Emerging Conduits.

And ‘Ash’s Lounge’ for those who follow my streams and Invasion public fleets.

Look forward to seeing you.


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