Do "Impetus Glamourex Boosters" Have Usable Variances To Date? If Not, Will They?

There is a Slot 12 for Boosters, and the only Boosters that fit in Slot 12 are the Impetus [Potency-50/Potency-75] Glamourex Boosters that increase standing gains (50%/75% bonus to Social). However, these all expired on YC121.10.06 (2019.10.06 11:00:00).

Are there any usable, unexpired Glamourex Boosters to date? If not, will there be more Glamourex Boosters?

There are no usable unexpired ones. Maybe in the future, they may release different ones that do the same thing, but that is the future, and this is now, and now, they are gone.

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Perhaps CCP will use that slot for future limited-use event boosters. Since we know the glamourex boosters are all expired, they can make the next booster do anything and still use that slot. There are so many possibilities:

“10% reduction in consumption of hypernet cores”
“24 hr relief from sun glare and the red dot”
“5% off all NES purchases for 24 hours”

Do you know if the Glamourex Boosters were “event Boosters” or just limited use in general?

What a poetic way of saying “no”. I guess I must be grateful for that. :grin:

I would just be a bit upset if there were new Social Boosters and I could not — at this moment, nor ever — reap the benefits; I would never be able to have those increased standing gains because Missions I do would be gone forever.

They were given out during an event. One of the most hilarious things I ever witnessed in Eve was all the market bots buying them up on the last day they were valid, along with sell orders of thousands of them.

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That sounds pretty funny, indeed. Out of curiosity, any idea as to when the Glamourex Boosters were given out?

The boosters were given out during the 13 days of Eve Christmas event in December 2018

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Sounds like my ego can rest knowing that a very small portion of [currently] well-established pilots were able to use the Glamourex on their “main” Characters at the very beginning for purposes such as Career Agents, since these pilots had been well established before the release of these Boosters.

Most of them were used by mission runners - higher social standing increases the reward. Questionable value for new players - you need some piloting skill and experience before tackling higher level missions - you’ll usually extract most value from rewards like that by selling them.

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